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Bonnie Smith



Mrs. Smith’s Science Class

Pre-AP Chemistry, AP Chemistry, AP Physics

Liquid Nitrogen

TutorialsTutorials are available

Tuesday and Thursday from 2:40 to-3:15 pm.


If an alternate appointment time is needed, please email me to set that up.

Required School Supplies

All students MUST have the following supplies daily:

  1. Composition or Spiral Notebook (at least 80 pages)

    • Extremely important!!
  2. Scientific Calculator

    • TI-36X Pro is strongly recommended, but others are acceptable
  3. 7 Pocket Expandable Pocket Folder with Zipper Closer

    • students need a folder or binder to keep up with handouts, worksheets, etc.
  4. Pencils (pens are allowed, but calculations should be done in pencil)
  5. map pencils or markers (many like the Flair Pens)
  6. permanent marker (Sharpie or other)
  7. highlighters (a few different colors are helpful for notes)
  8. glue sticks, clear tape, and/or liquid glue (your choice)
  9. scissors
  10. personal hand sanitizer (NOT TO BE SHARED WITH OTHER STUDENTS)
  11. personal pair aux headphones (Video Lessons)
  12. zipper case (for storing materials & craft supplies)

Students CANNOT share any supplies with anyone.

PPE Supplies – GogglesGoggles

CHEMISTRY students MUST wear splash-proof safety goggles during EVERY LAB.

PHYSICS students will wear eye protection for some lab activates, but not all.

WE HAVE CLASSROOM SETS OF GOGGLES. HOWEVER... If your student is uncomfortable sharing, PLEASE make sure they bring their own pair. Label your student's goggles to help us keep up with them.

  • We will begin with virtual labs; therefore, this item can wait for a few weeks.


Check out my Google Site for additional class information including units, suggested reading, and more!


Please email me with any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Bonnie Smith


How to fail with style and grace… 

This was written many years ago, but still rings true!

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