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Advanced Placement Government is a course designed to prepare students to take a test for college credit in May. There is an additional fee for the test. In order for students to succeed on the test, they must read the text. There is not enough time in the class setting to directly instruct all topics on the test. 
To encourage students to read the text, I will have a quiz on every chapter. Students will receive a calendar for the course on the first day. When a day is listed as a quiz day, students need to have completed and studied their guided notes for that chapter before they arrive. The quizzes begin 6 minutes into class. Many students underestimate the time needed to read and prepare for the test. The book is written on a college level so students often struggle when reading it for the first month.
Additional assignments include group work on supplementary readings, group discussions on supplementary readings, preparation days for writing on the AP Exams, and an interactive notebook.