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Grading Guidelines:

Grades will be determined on a percentage based system where each category will be worth a certain percentage towards your nine weeks grade. The following list shows each category and its weight toward your grade.

  • Daily- 40%
  • Test- 60%


Cheating is not acceptable in my classroom. When a student is caught cheating they will recieve a zero for the assignment, a referral, and a call home to parents. Your work must be completed by YOU, cheating makes it harder for me to determine what you know and what you don't know. 

Assignment/Test Make-up:

You have the opportunity to make-up assignments and tests if your assignment or test grade is below a 70. You will be given one week to make up assignments and tests; this allows you time to re-study while the material is still fresh in your mind and/or arrange a ride to come before school (with an appointment scheduled) or after school. It is your responsibility to inform me if you cannot make-up a test or assignment during the given week in order for us to arrange a time that is best for you. IF I DO NOT KNOW I CANNOT HELP.


Tutorials are held before school by appointment or after school. If you plan on attending tutorials please inform me when you will be attending to insure i will be in my classroom. Students need to be in my classroom 5 minutes after the bell releases the school at the end of the day. This allows for an effective tutorial session.

After School:  Tuesday-Thursday 2:40-3:05

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