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Audio/Video Production-Bronco Broadcasting

Audio/Video Production Course 

Course Description 
Audio Video Production is an introduction and overview of the visual and audio media world. Students learn the fundamentals of video and audio production using a variety of equipment.  Students will gain knowledge and experience with extensive hands-on assignments involving video cameras, video and audio editing, directing, digital graphics, writing, producing studio productions, pre-production, production and post-production processes. The fall semester will introduce the foundation for all of the topics which will be expanded.

Additionally, the ongoing production project will be the Dayton High School Video News. Students will rotate through the roles of a broadcast news studio crew and will create actual stories, announcements, specific videos and the like for DHS. Students will be required to fulfill news assignments outside of the school day; if this is not possible, please see the counselor to change your schedule. 

This is a blended classroom environment meaning, students will be required to read articles, view presentations, videos, and complete other curriculum based activities outside of class time. Should the student not have access to the Internet at home, then arrangements should be made to use the lab before or after school. The pace of this class is rigorous to be able to include all of the TEKS and students need to stay on top of assignments, projects, and due dates.  Only daily assignments will follow the DISD grading policy for extension when a student misses class for any reason.  Because ample class time is devoted, project due dates are firm and extensions will only be granted for extreme extenuating circumstances. I must be notified in advance or as soon as possible for extensions to be granted.

Many of the projects require group activities and grades will reflect the individual and group efforts.

Students must provide: 

  • 1 flash drive 16G or greater - this will remain in the classroom until end of year and will be used for required digital portfolio
  • Headphones or ear buds

Class Outline 
General Topics 

  • Storyboards 
  • Interviewing & script writing 
  • Pre-production planning 
  • Production 
  • Post-production 
  • Broadcast News Production
    • How to write broadcast style, shoot video and edit stories
    • Technical aspects of producing
    • Essential skills for anchors

Exploring Adobe Premiere 

  • Importing/Exporting  
  • Working with Time-lines and Sequencing 
  • Video Transitions 
  • Motion Effects 
  • Creating Title Slides 

Exploring Adobe After Effects 

  • On Screen Graphics 
  • Logos 
  • Sound Effects 
  • Editing Audio 
  • Editing Video 
  • Public Service Announcements 

Because this is a digital editing class, editing software will be a large portion of the class. Students will use PC computers. Each student will have a school issued login and will be expected to keep track of their login information and keep it secure. If you have any questions concerning the requirements, expenses, or supplies for this class, please email me at

Thank you, 
Melissa Luter, M.Ed.