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Line Space, About Language

A YouTube Channel all about language. Want to go back to basics? They have phonology and phonetic videos. Curious about semantics, language acquisition, sociolinguistics and other stuff? They have videos for that too.

Writing Help

Need some help learning how to produce academic writing? This site offers guides, samples, tools and other services.


Need to find a 2 syllable word that rhymes with “amazing”? Rhymer can help.

Rhyme Zone

Need another word for “great”? Rhyme Zone will give you a long list of rhyming words and separates them by the number of syllables you need. Need a 1 syllable word or a 7 syllable word, Rhyme Zone can help.


Produced by the same people who produce The website includes a Word of the Day, Grammar Tips, and other blog spots under categories like “Ways to Say,” “Weird Words.” and “Quotes.”


Another great resource, it includes a dictionary as well as a Word of the Day, Grammar Tips, and a fun blog spot with articles like “Avoid these words. Seriously” and “Real Words from the Wizarding World.” It also has a quick link to a Thesaurus where you can find another word that means the same thing (try to avoid saying “great” over and over and over and over….)

Classic Short Stories

Looking for a quick, easy read? This website offers a treasure trove of FREE stories in a variety of genre’s from a variety of classic authors.

Dictionary and Thesaurus

What does that word mean? (See the Dictionary) Is there another great word for Amazing? (See the Thesaurus)
erriam-Webster has been the leader in dictionaries and thesaurus’s for a long time. Great resource if you need to define or find another word.

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