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AP Microeconomics

AP Microeconomics is a math based class. The class is designed to prepare students to take the AP exam for college credit in May. There is an additional fee for the exam. 
The course will teach a series of skills. As the class proceeds, skills taught earlier in the semester will be used as the foundation for more difficult skills. It is critical that students master each topic early in the semester if they are to be successful. The assignments given have been edited to be as small as possible. Even with this editing, some of the assignments take significant time to complete. On the assignments that are more time consuming and are graded in a way to create two daily grades so students are rewarded for the extra time spent. 
The class is structured so that students have class time to work on the assignments. In order to use this time to its best advantage, students should attempt all the problems at home before the class work day. That way, if they cannot complete a problem or become confused, they can have help from each other or from me during the work day. If they wait until the work day to begin, they will complete the easy assignments in class, leaving the difficult ones for homework.