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Devontae Wilson



Mr. Wilson’s Class

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Tutorial Times

Monday-Friday Afternoons (2:45 pm-3:15 pm)

Other times available by appointment

Feel free to contact me at 

2020-21 Classroom Supplies

English IV

  • composition notebook
  • black/blue/red pens
  • 2 two-pocket folders
  • highlighters
  • clean, unfrayed notebook paper

Remind App

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Remind is a fantastic resource to communicate with students and parents outside of the classroom without having to share personal information. A teacher is able to text or send email alerts to students and parents about assignments and upcoming tests and/or projects.

To receive these alerts, please use the instructions below to join the class. Parents/Guardians are strongly encouraged to join to help their child stay on top of their school work as they venture into this last year of high school and transition into life after graduation. To receive messages via text, text the message @3gaines to the number 81010. Also, the Remind app can be downloaded from the app store. 

Google Classroom

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Google Classroom is a great resource to keep track of any assignments given during class. All assignments and study materials can be accessed through Google Classroom. This method is extremely beneficial in conjuction with Remind for students to stay on track with readings and assignments, even if the student misses class for extracurricular activities. 

The app is connected to the student’s broncomail, and it can also be accessed through Clever. Also, the Google Classroom app can be downloaded from the app store. To join, enter the code:

1st Period – pjnvw5

2nd Period – xalvicy

4th Period – lu4cciy 

6th Period – owzyo2h

7th Period – pdjs4su

8th Period – w6jlnev

2020-2021 Class Schedule 

1st English IV 7:10-7:55

2nd English IV 8:00-8:45

3rd Conference 8:50-9:35

4th English IV 9:40-10:25

5th Remote Learning 10:30-11:15

6th English IV 11:20-12:55

B Lunch 11:50-12:20

7th English IV 1:00-1:45

8th English IV 1:50-2:35

Classroom Vision

Dr. Franklin, the tenth, former president of Morehouse College, has highlighted five important “expectations” that all Morehouse students must meet, but I think we’d all be better off if we could embrace these all-important qualities of leaders. These are the exemplary qualities of Dayton Broncos. 

The Five Wells:

1. Well-read: Dr. Franklin encourages students to read books, not just summaries of books, and choose an accomplished and prolific writer as a role model. Books open doors and allow us to peak around the walls that society can sometimes build in front of us. Leaders must be well-read.

2. Well-spoken: Just as important as reading is the study of grammar and syntax: "This reduces the necessity of relying on profanity or empty verbal placeholders like, 'um, uh, ahh . . . ' or nonsense like 'you know what I'm saying?'” Leaders mean what they say and they say what they mean.

3. Well-traveled: Seeing the world outside of your own community opens your eyes to opportunities and the needs of others much bigger and more meaningful than you could ever imagine from the comfort of “home.” Dr. Franklin encourages his students to “get out there, break new ground, and take others with you.” Leaders go...

4. Well-dressed: The way you dress does not only reflect the way you feel about yourself, it also sends signals to the people around you. Morehouse doesn’t have a strict “dress code,” but as Dr. Franklin says, “You can enjoy yourself while wearing comfortable clothing that respects the fact that you are part of a community of educated and ethical men… Wear what you wish to off campus, but while you are here on the ground where [Benjamin] Mays and Martin [Luther King Jr.] and Maynard [Jackson] walked, you will be well-dressed." The way you dress can be a direct reflection of your respect for others. Leaders present themselves in a respectful manner.

5. Well-balanced: Dr. Franklin says that being a strong leader is about attaining skills such as compassion, civility, integrity and even listening well. He wants his students to be spiritually disciplined, intellectually astute and morally wise… humble and willing to lift others as they climb to new heights. Being well-balanced prepares us for the unexpected and allows us the ability to act and react to the world in positive ways. Leaders are well-balanced and well-rounded.


What is Your Why?

Success starts with much of what you say, will you actually achieve?

70% Average

80% Real Good

90% Great! 

Behind every principle is a promise! 




Devontae Wilson

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