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Assignments: Announcement Team

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The Announcement Team is responsible for creating the content each week for the electronic announcements which are shown throughout the day on the TVs in the classroom and in the cafeteria.

The instructions to submit announcement requests may be viewed at Electronic Announcement Procedures.

Team members will adhere to the following schedule. To ensure the product is delivered in a timely fashion each week, please make adjustments as necessary to allow for early release, pep rally, absence, etc.


  • Take the previous week's announcements and do a 'Save As' with the new week's name.
  • Remove the announcements whose events have passed
  • Check your Broncomail to view the DHS News spreadsheet for announcement requests

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

  • Check your Broncomail to view the DHS News spreadsheet for announcement requests
  • Create announcements for events which start this week
    • Monitor the margin width since the classroom TVs have reduced aspect ratios causing the end of lines to not be visible
    • Recommended font sizes for easier viewing is 36 and larger in Calibri (adjust appropriately for other fonts)
    • To prevent AutoFit from changing font sizes, select Stop Fitting Text to This Placeholder (lower left corner)
  • Update and 'decorate' announcements as desired.
  • Before deleting/changing graphics, play the presentation to see if they are animated.
  • Check each announcement for
    • Correct dates
    • Remove any words which aren't needed to ensure clarity (makes announcement less cluttered)
    • Double check that all details the requestor has entered is on the announcement
    • Check for orphans on each announcement (orphan: only one word on a line)
    • Confirm bulleted items don't have a space between the bullet and the first word (causes first words to not align)
    • Ensure hyphens have a single space before and after (all hyphens look the same for each announcement)
    • Check punctuation, abbreviations, grammar, spelling
    • Transitions
      • Ensure all announcements have a different transition
      • If an announcement has multiple pages, it may have the same transition
    • Advance to next announcement after: 00:10:00

Thursday (additional)

  • Place announcements in the following order
    • Week (ie. April 28 - May 2, 2014)
    • School business (absent notes, bus notes, after school detention (ASD)
      • These announcements do not involve money or sales
      • These announcements may include photo requests for the yearbook, etc.
    • Club, group, organization announcements in date/chronological order
      • Monday meetings, then Tuesday, etc.
      • Announcements for organizations with future events will be after week day announcement
    • Fundraisers, events, shows, etc. Anything that has a cost.
      • Place in chronological order
      • If two organizations are having a function on the same day, place in alphabetical order
    • Congratulations...
      • Congratulations for events, awards, contests, etc.
      • Congratulations for admission into chosen colleges or universities
        • Font size for names is 36
        • Font size for spaces between names is 12
        • As students are accepted into additional colleges or universities, add to their names.
        • Adjust quantities of names per page to ensure spacing is appropriate
      • Congratulations for admission into chosen military service
        • Font size for names is 36
        • Font size for spaces between names is 12
    • If appropriate, announcement re early release, holiday
  • Once everything is completed, turn presentation into .wmv


  • Provide the .wmv to Mrs. Carrell, Journalism, to be placed on the Bronco Beat website
  • Use Premiere and Encore to create a DVD
  • Take the DVD to the Library, install in the player and ensure it works correctly
  • Return the current week's DVD to classroom so it can be reused




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