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Assignments: UIL Young Filmmakers

Welcome to DHS' UIL Young Filmmakers!

Official monthly meetings are every 3rd Wednesday afternoon with make-up meetings on the following Friday morning. However, each group may determine their own meeting time and place. If it involves equipment from an instructor, it must be cleared/coordinated beforehand.

All official UIL information may be obtained from

Recommended actions for motivation and success:

  • When on The UIL Young Filmmakers Festival website (see link above), scroll down to the Past Results. Click on the links provided and watch the content which was successful the last two years (the only two years this has been an event with UIL).

Don't ask... look up the answers using the links provided!  This way, you KNOW and can prove what you know.

From the Quick Facts 2015-2016.pdf found at:
with additional commentary as explanation.

  • Submitted films must be original works & have clearances for music or other copyrighted materials
  • Film can be on any subject as long as it doesn’t offend the moral standards of the community.
    • In other words, imagine if the Houston new channels get your video and posts it. Would the public start a flame war over topic? If so, don’t use it.
  • Only films produced during current school year are eligible for following spring. Films produced during the Spring or Summer months are also eligible for the Festival the following Spring. e.g. A film produced in the Spring or Summer of 2015 would be eligible for submission for the Wednesday, 2 March 2016 Festival.
    • Last year's DIM students, this is good news! That video y'all worked so hard to shoot the raw footage and ran out of editing time at the end of school. Clean it up, edit it to the point of professionalism and go with it. :)
    • However, you will need to locate/re-obtain signed consent forms from your classmates, some of whom graduated.
  • Official submission deadline: Monday, 18 January 2016
  • Our official submission deadline: Thursday, 14 January 2016
    • To give us time to resolve issues before the hard set deadline... *never, ever* wait until the last minute if it is something you really want.
  • Each school is allowed to submit three (3) films in each category:
    • narrative,
    • documentary,
    • computer/digital animation and
    • traditional animation (claymation, hand drawn, stop motion).
  • Narrative and documentary films shall be 3-7 minutes in length. Animation entries shall be 30 seconds to 3 minutes in length. This includes any credits.
    • If there are more than three entries in a category, we will have a campus run-off where the films will be reviewed by a committee to determine which three should be submitted to UIL to represent DHS.
    • The committee will be determined upon the need and availability of personnel.
    • The committee will use the Sample Judge's Evaluation Form 2015-16.

Check the UIL Texas' UIL Young Filmmakers Festival website for new resources! Resources such as:

 Links provided by Luis Munoz, UIL Contest Manager, via email.


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