Athletic Classroom Report (ACR)

Teachers: Click button to enter the Athletic Classroom Report Form for all student athletes. The report will be sent to the Athletic Director, Coach Nations.

Point of Contact for Sports by Teachers’ Last Names

Male Athletes                                                                              Female Athletes
A-D  Andrew Moss                                                                       A-D  Kourtney Kelsey
E-H  Bobby Little                                                                          E-H  Tonya Smith
I-L   Jeff Stewart                                                                           I-L  Erin Janik
M-P  Armando Ramirez                                                                M-P  Suzanne Davis
Q-T  Quinn Wood                                                                         Q-T  Cara Fitzhenry
U-W  Rob Davis                                                                            U-Z  Daryl Bell
X-Z  Brad Hadnot


Head Coach by Sport

Football – Jeff Nations
Volleyball – Tonya Smith
Boy’s Basketball – Brad Hadnot
Girl’s Basketball – Suzanne Davis
Baseball – Bobby Little
Softball – Daryl Bell
Boy’s Soccer – Andrew Ireland
Girl’s Soccer – Michael Previte
Golf – Bobby Holsinger
Tennis – Jan Knight
Cross Country – Michael Asbill
Boy’s Track – Quinn Wood
Girl’s Track – David Findling

Contact Information

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3200 North Cleveland
Dayton, Texas 77535

School Hours: 7:02 - 2:35

Phone: 936-258-2510
Fax: 936-257-4047

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