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Useful Links

Apply Texas
Common Application for Colleges and Universities
College Answers
Planning for your college destination - This website offers help with preparing, selecting, applying, paying, deciding, and financing.
College Atlas
Relevant, reliable, and up-to-date information about colleges and higher education opportunities. Helping students make informed decisions about which college to attend or which degree program to pursue.
College Board
The College Board Website
College for All Texans
College Information for Students and Parents
Educator's Connection
Free College and Scholarship Counseling Service
Every Chance Every Texan
This is a great resource for scholarships, aid, Texas' top jobs, planning strategies, savings plans, and Texas school information.
Free Application for Federal Student Aid
Free Scholarship Search
Federal Student Aid Home Page
Complete information on federal programs such as grants and loans
General information on financing a college education
Liberty County Workforce Academy
Mapping Your Future
Information on financial aid and tools to help make career decisions
My Future
Help with financial, educational, and career planning, and good information on careers in the military
Number 2
Free Test-Prep Programs
Preparing Your Kids for College
An online resource for parents to help in preparing their child for college
SAT - Scholastic Aptitude Test
Test Prep Seminars
Need help in preparing for the SAT or ACT? This website offers information on seminars and workshops for the 2013 - 2014 school year.