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CTE Information

What is Career & Technical Education?

Career & Technical Education (CTE) is a broad term for education that blends academic and technical skills with knowledge and application that is needed to be successful in today’s industries.

Why should students choose a CTE Program of Study?

Dayton High School offers several different programs of study. Each program of study is connected directly to specific career fields that are found in every community. Students should choose a program of study to maximize their exposure to knowledge and skills related to the related careers and industries. Programs of study also allow students the opportunity to earn an industry recognized certification that is considered to be proof that the student is job-ready by the TEA and employers both in Texas and outside of the state.

What is an industry based/recognized certification (IBC)?

Industry-based/recognized certifications represent skills and learning that open doors and act as a springboard for higher levels of achievement to ensure students' independence and success in life beyond high school. These certifications can lead to further post secondary education and job placement upon graduating high school.

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