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Daily Schedule

1st Period: Government

2nd Period: AP Government

3rd Period: AP Government

4th Period: AP Government

5th Period: Government

6th Period: Government

7th Period: Conference

8th Period: Government

Tutorials are Monday and Tuesday after school. Tutorials do NOT have walk up entry and for you to be able to attend, you must make an appointment before the tutorial session.

There are several different ways in which you can make an appointment to attend a tutorial session. To make an appointment, you must complete at least one of the following so that you may attend a tutorial session:

1.) You can speak with Mr. Knepper prior to the tutorial session

2.) You can make an appointment to attend tutorials via email

3.) You can send a text to Mr. Knepper via remind in order to attend tutorials.

4.) You can send a message via Google Classroom to Mr. Knepper to create a tutorial appointment.

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