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In 1980 - The PAL program started in Austin, TX in 3 High Schools. Currently PALs is in over 38 states and in 3 other countries. 

Dayton High School is participating in the peer helping program in which students are selected and trained to serve
as peer helpers with younger students on their own campus and/or with students from feeder schools. Our PALs mentor students at Richter Elementary, Kimmie Brown Elementary and Stephen F. Austin Elementary every week. They are also involved with school activities through out the year at DHS to help build a positive school spirit.  Outside of school PALs are required to help with community service projects, volunteer as needed, and  promote acts of kindness.  


The PAL® Peer Helping Program IS: 
• an opportunity for younger students to interact with older positive role models and to develop closeness and trusting interpersonal relationships
• a caring, sharing, listening experience for both giver and receiver
• a potential supplement to, or extension of regular school counseling services
• something which can address academic as well as other concerns
• a means for students to develop a greater sense of ownership and responsibility in their school community
• a tool for orienting and preparing students for what lies ahead in school, particularly in the transition between levels in school
• an alternative way of reaching students and utilizing untapped student resources
• a program in which the students themselves play an integral role
• an opportunity to foster improved self image and more responsible decision-making among participants
• a stimulant to help students recognize and solve their own problems
• a chance to have a positive impact on the overall school climate