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Student Council

Welcome to Dayton High School's Student Council Home Page!

Homecoming Dance:

Cancelled due to insufficient ticket sales.  Students may pick up a refund before  school (except Tuesdays) or after school in room 315.  Please bring the ticket and /or receipt.



STUCO Meetings

Meetings are every other Wednesday @ 6:45am or 2:45pm 

in Room 404

Remind:  6b4a67

We have another full year of events—supporting DHS clubs/organizations as well as the local Dayton community.  There is a new and very special event planned for March that will include DHS, Dayton, and other surrounding areas.  Keep an eye out for this event and participate as an organizer or local attendee.

The 2018-2019 Open House Club Fair and Membership RUSH were great successes!  Over 50 students attended the first STUCO meeting--signing up for our first blood drive with MD Anderson Blood Center (a co-event with HOSA), DHS 2018-2019 Homecoming Court Nominations, the STUCO T-shirt design contest, and the GSL Award.

Our plan this year involves taking a more active role in our school pride, our community, and our environment!

All of this responsibility means we need dedicated leaders, so there is always room for more hard working students that just want to participate!

STUCO Advisor Dr. Avis Rupert, Room 315