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Now is the time to start thinking about scholarships. Stop by the counseling center and look through the scholarship notebook. Make a list of the scholarships you are interested in, give your list to Mrs. Arevalo, and the applications will then be given to you to complete. Be sure to watch scholarship deadlines. New scholarships are added weekly.  Be sure to stop by often and look through the notebook. 

Generic Scholarship Application

The generic scholarship application will be available in January. Be sure you receive the newly updated generic scholarship application.
Click above title link for a printable application.

You may click the link below to browse through the list of scholarships. Once you have reviewed the available scholarships, stop by the counseling center to sign up with Mrs. Arevalo for your selected scholarships.

Scholarship Information & Important Dates

If you are interested in giving a scholarship to a senior(s) at Dayton High School, please call or come by the DHS Counseling Center with your application, if necessary, and deadline information. Please contact Patricia Arevalo at 936-258-2510 or stop by the counseling center.

May 2023--DHS Performing Arts Center