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UIL Academic Events and Sponsors

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Accounting 358 Charmaine Brooks
Calculator Applications 515 Brittiany Miller
Computer Applications 539 Melissa Luter
Computer Science    
Current Issues & Events    
Literary Criticism    
Mathematics 504 Stacy Summerlin
Number Sense 124 Cassidy Gardner
Ready Writing 326 Katy Wheeler
Science 408 Bonnie Smith
Social Studies 130 Patricia Clegg
Spelling & Vocabulary 404 Lindsey Booth
Editorial Writing 309 Chelsea Carrell
Feature Writing 309 Chelsea Carrell
Headline Writing 309 Chelsea Carrell
News Writing 309 Chelsea Carrell
Poetry Interpretation 625 Diana Searcy
Prose Interpretation 625 Diana Searcy
Informative Speaking 323 Christopher Brannen
Persuasive Speaking 323 Christopher Brannen
Student Congress 323 Christopher Brannen
Cross Examination Debate 518  Kim St. Julian
Lincoln Douglas Debate 323 Christopher Brannen
Young Film Makers 517 Janette Hill