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James Kingsmill


With Everyone On Coronavirus Lockdown, Here are Lessons From 5 ...

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Controversial issues arise in aspects of personal, social public, and professional life in modern society. Debate and argumentation are widely used to make decisions and reduce conflict. Students who develop skills in argumentation and debate become interested in current issues, develop sound critical thinking, and sharpen communication skills. They acquire life-long skills for intelligently approaching controversial issues.

Professional Communication is a semester long class designed to help students develop effective communication skills. Some of these skills include but are not limited to: public speaking, nonverbal behavior, electronic communication, writing and listening. Students enrolled in Communication Applications will be expected to identify, analyze, develop, and evaluate communication skills needed for professional and social success in interpersonal situations, group interactions, and personal and professional presentations. 

Teen Leadership is a program in which students develop leadership, professional, and business skills.  Throughout the semester, we will help each other build healthy relationships, and learn to understand the concept of personal responsibility.  Students will also be developing skills in public speaking and communication and an understanding of personal image.  



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