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Flash Quia Games

Computer Maintenance

Practice Tests

Quia Games

Principles of Information Technology

Learn It Online

Select the chapter from the drop down box. Then, select from a variety of activities, such as:

Practice Test - A series of multiple choice questions that test your knowledge of chapter content and key terms.

Flashcards - An interactive learning environment where you identify key terms associated with displayed definitions.

Who Wants to be a Computer Genius2? - An interactive game that challenges your knowledge of chapter content in the style of a television quiz show.

Wheel of Terms - An interactive game that challenges your knowledge of chapter key terms in the style of the television show "Wheel of Fortune".

Crossword Puzzle Challenge - A crossword puzzle that challenges your knowledge of key terms presented in the chapter.

Office 2010 Quia Games

Rank My Typing

Select Single Player. Read instructions and when ready to start typing, click the Start button. Once completed, select Calculate Results button. When it says Enter Your Information, DON'T. It is none of their business. Where there is a blue check, left mouse click to change it to an X. Click on the Submit button to see your results.

Rank My Typing printout for grade instructions:

Open a Word document, select the Insert tab, in the Illustrations sub-group select Screenshot drop down arrow, then select Screen Clipping. Once the screen has gone opaque, select the Personal Statistics information on the Rank My Typing page.

Save the Word document to your server space. Name it with the date in order with largest time unit to smallest format followed by Rank My Typing - Your Name..
Example: September 12, 2014 would be 2014 09 12 Rank My Typing - Betty Brown


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