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Assignments: Business Information Management I

I reserve the right to modify and change any day's lesson plan as needed to ensure the objectives are being met.  This could mean that the lessons will proceed slower some days and faster others.

All students are to be responsible for making up any missed assignments, whether absence is excused or not.  Knowledge of how to use computer is like building a house.  You need the foundation before you start on the walls or roof!  The student is responsible for checking this website for assignments as well as looking on Schoology.  All missed work is counted as zero (0) until completed and graded.


* Learn to communicate and work with classmates to form various groups per category
* Learn about your instructor (NO chocolate!!!)
* Learn expectations regarding tutorials, grading, cheating, attendance
* Learn class procedures
* Learn to be safe at Dayton High School, includes safety rules: evacuation, lockdown, modified lockdown, etc and what to do in alternate circumstances
* Ensure students can log into DISD AD network
* Set up browser to class website to view objectives daily
* Review and discuss DISD's Policy for Acceptable Use of Computers and Networks
* Learn how to log into Schoology and participate in a discussion board
* Learn about fellow classmates

TEKS: §130.136. 1(A)(B)(C)(D)(E)(F), 3(A)(E)(F)(G)

Thursday, 20 August 2020 through Friday, 28 August 2020
Welcome back to school!!!

Receive three pages with the following information:
* Course syllabus
* Letter to parent
* Responsible Use of Computer and Network/Course contract and acknowledgement

Have Acknowledgment of Receipt/Contract signed, then return it by Tuesday

Bring sentimental object to talk about on Wednesday

Learn about your instructor
* Absolutely no chocolate in classroom
* If chocolate in backpack, leave in classroom across the hall

Class expectations

Groundwork Presentation
* Safety - evacuation, reverse evacuation, shelter in place, drop & cover, etc
* Classroom setup and expectations
* DHS Grading Guidelines

Turn in signed Acknowledgment of Receipt/Contract

Ensure students are able to log into workstation with id/pw.

* First 5 letters of last name
* First 3 letters of first name
* Followed by three zeros
* Password is student ID

Check if students have access to:
* C: hard drive
* G: drive, DISD student storage

Set up Drive File Stream
* Click on Start button
* In Search box, type Drive File Stream
* Click on the blue and white icon to open the program
* Type in your id and password to log in
Note: You will find your work from many years ago. Please organize it appropriately so you can easily locate your work for this class.

Create the following folders > subfolders on your Drive File Stream
* The first folder is Business Information Management I or BIM I
* You will place the folders below inside the Business Information Management I or BIM I folder.
Word > Word 1, Word 2, Word 3
Excel > Excel 1, Excel 2, Excel 3
Access > Access 1, Access 2
PowerPoint > PowerPoint 1, PowerPoint 2, PowerPoint 3
Typing Improvement

Set Default Printer
* In the search box, type pri for printer
* Click on Printers & scanners to open
* Scroll down to view "Let Windows manage my default printer" and remove the check from the check box
* HP LaserJet 600 M602 - Room 540 should have the word Default below it

Set up Home Pages (5) on browser to Assignments tab on class website
* 1st tab will be objectives for week
* 2nd tab will be day's assignment
* 3rd tab will be Google Classroom
* 4th tab will be RataType
* 5th tab will be Skyward
* 6th tab will be Home for other uses (Quia, Google, etc.)

Autobiography Assignment
* Do this assignment after tabs set and while waiting for other's to get theirs set
* Obtain the sheet with the instructions
* Once completed, print to HP LaserJet 600 M602 - Room 540

Once all the above is completed, investigate and type on RataType.

1st Class Website check

Join Mrs. Hill's RataType Group
* Log into Google Classroom for detailed information

Sentimental Objects Speech (Wednesday)
* Mentoring and helping others is an objective of this course
* Students will give a brief speech about something sentimental
* This project is to help everyone get to know each other

Students who have not completed their work during class will need to come to my classroom after school to complete it or have the missed work counted against them.

Janette Hill

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