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Dayton Automotive 

Automotive Syllabus 


Course Description

Students will gain knowledge and skills for entering careers in the automotive field. Instructional and experiences will include; serving, repairing, of brake systems, electrical systems, fuel systems, computer systems, and air condition systems.

The course will be taught using both on-line and hands-on methods that will maximize time students’ learning experience. 

Instruction will be supplemented with activities that include small and large group work, web sites, and field trips (health conditions allow).


Course Objectives:

After successfully completing  the Automotive Technician Program #1,2,3 students will be able to complete ASE benchmark test A1 through A8

Students will have abilities/aptitudes in problem-solving, manual dexterity, reading comprehension, writing abilities that will aid them in trier chosen career fields of choice. 

  1. Work in the Automotive field using standard safety rules

  2. Automotive service work ethics 

  3. Tool etiquette (proper use and care of tools) 

  4. Diagnose and repair brake systems 

  5. Diagnose and repair electrical systems 

  6. Diagnose and repair a/c and heating systems   

  7. Diagnose and repair fuel systems 

  8. Diagnose and repair engine performance systems 



  • ASE Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling

  • ASE A5 Brakes Systems 

  • ASE A6 Electrical systems 

  • ASE A7 A/C and Heating Systems 

  • ASE A8 Engine Performance 

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