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I try to reduce the amount of sharing supplies in class.  Students will need their supplies everyday for class.

  • Composition Notebook
  • Pencil
  • Pen (blue/Black)
  • Red Pen for correcting work
  • Permanent Black Marker
  • Map pencils or crayons (Crayola brand is preferred because they last longer)
  • Glue sticks (We will use these every day until the end of the year.  I would recommend starting with at least 12.)
  • Scissors
  • box of Kleenex
  • Optional: a pencil if you would like to leave your supplies in class. 

There will be projects throughout the year that may require other supplies (ex. poster or household items).  If there are any problems obtaining the supplies, please, speak to Ms. Fields or your counselor.  If you would like to donate supplies for other students, please, send them.


 Period Subject Time
1 Environmental Systems 7:10-7:55
2 Environmental Systems 8:00-8:45
3 Environmental Systems 8:50-9:35
4 Conference 9:40-10:25
5 Department  10:30-11:15
6 Environmental Systems (C) 11:20-12:55
7 IPC 1:00-1:45
8 IPC 1:50-2:35


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